A gentle, relaxing anti-cellulite / lymphatic drainage treatment, with tailored courses for a smoother shaped figure. highly recommended as post surgery treatment to accelerate the healing process.  
Relaxing Full Body Massage (1hr)
Relaxing Back Massage (30min)
Hot Stone Massage (1hr)
Hot Stone Massage (30min)
The proper stone placement on the body will result in a deeper relaxation & allowing your body to benefit therapeutically. With the application of heated stones and the combination of specialized massage techniques will bring a therapeutic response within your body and skin. Hot stones are used to glide across the body to soothe the nervous system, clear toxins and tone the skin.  


Black Cleanse (1hr)

A perfect treatment which concentrates on problematic, congested and oily skin to cleanse and purify the skin. Extractions will be performed if necessary.

Spray Tan