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Anti-Ageing Facial (1hr 30mins)

This facial that refines, smooths, lifts and hydrates skin to a new luminosity. It covers double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage with the famous Swedish technique using Ceramide massage serum which is fortifies and protects skin at the cellular level and strengthens the skin also increases elasticity moisture content. Followed by double masque: super firming and age peel off masque. Scalp and hands massage included while the masque is on.


Hydrating Signature Facial (1hr 15mins)

Intensively hydrates and reduces the dehydrated lines, pore size diminishes and skin texture in general improves, becoming smoother with this amazing facial which peel off masque involved. It is a facial that you won’t regret it and can’t wait to have another one soon.


Signature Facial “Just for you” (1hr 30mins)

Using essential oil blends to enhance, support and transform you from inside out. Indulge and enjoy a facial that is made just for you with double cleanse, exfoliation, facial, shoulder, neck, scalp and foot massage included and super firming or hydrating masque.


Rejuvenation Booster Facial (1hr 15mins)

Thirst quenching the hydration booster facial hydrates and soothes, leaving the skin fresh and revitalised. In this treatment we are using hydration treatment masque and the amazing hyaluronic acid serum  (ATP) boosting collagen formation. You will leave, refreshed and rejuvenated.


Super Radiance Facial (1hr 15mins)

You will be delighted and invigorated by stimulating facial massage and goddess MD Formulations super firming masque in this facial treatment. It also includes 10 mins light therapy treatment.


Oxygen Facial (special occasion facial)

Thirst quenching facial to intensively hydrates your skin. Good for special occasion. Such as; Birthday, Engagement, Hen, Wedding party, etc…..


Detox and Clarify Facial (1hr)

A treatment for problematic, oily, congested, stressed dull and tired skin. A perfect treatment and a quick “pick me up” to cleanse, tone and purify the skin with clearing complex masque, extraction by request.


Deluxe Facial (1hr)

For the busy executive, for people on the go! Relax and surrender your cares of the world and receive a glycolic scrub, followed by a beautiful Swedish facial massage, illuminating or hydrating face masque, with this treatment you will relax and renew your vital energies.